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Stygian Boss Walkthrough

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1 Stygian Boss Walkthrough on Sun Apr 15, 2012 6:55 pm

The Stygian (Worm King/Boss) will have a metal guard over his mouth, when he moves along the sides; Not trying to hit you. Use your sword and knock off the metal guard. Once its off use the gun (Mercy) and shoot the yellowish/orangish thing in his mouth. Sometimes he will send smaller worms after you, about 3 or 4 worms. Watch out though because they are fast, use the boost on Ruin (your horse) and do sharp turns while shooting their head.

After they are gone Stygian will come after you again, just repeat the above steps until it goes in slow motion and he falls. Ride up to him and press (O) for PS3 or (B) for XBOX

NOTE: This is the 3rd Boss, more walkthroughs coming soon!

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