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Important Announcement!

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1 Important Announcement! on Tue Apr 24, 2012 10:54 pm

Upgrading to vBulletin! I know I said this in the past. But yes we are. The forum will not be named after the clan. BUT it will be the forum clan.

The forum name is HackParadise. I will edit this post with the link as soon as it is done. Heres what we have so far:
/~~~~~~~April 24th, 2012~~~~~~~\
-Usergroups are glowing
-Chatbox(With alot more commands)
-Epic Theme!
-Security Team
/~~~~~~~April 25th, 2012~~~~~~~\
-Donation System
-Forums & Categories
-Patched Security Holes

The security team is my own hack team. Called Team Bl4cKF3V3R. Along with of course Jelsoft which is vBulletin's personal security.


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